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landscape drainage & irrigation

proper installation

A properly installed irrigation system is crucial to maintaining a healthy lawn and landscape. Our landscaping design experts can provide an irrigation system that will save you time, money, and energy while keeping your lawn vibrant all year long. Resource Landscape offers high quality sprinkler systems from some of the best brands. The sprinkling systems of today specialize in keeping your grass green, plants healthy, and your water bills lower. We have the lawn irrigation experience to install your system properly and in the right locations throughout your property to ensure efficiency and equal distribution of water to your lawn. Improperly installed irrigation systems can cause a multitude of problems from overwatering to potential lawn maintenance hazards. We take the time to think through each individual job in order to avoid future problems. An irrigation installation from Resource Landscape will add value to your property while providing peace of mind to customers like you.

drainage that works

Effective watering is paramount to the health of your lawn, but effective water removal is often overlooked yet is necessary to achieve a healthy outdoor environment. Resource Landscapes can provide you with drainage that works. Whether your front yard landscaping requires a catch basin or your garden landscaping requires underground pipe drainage, our knowledge, experience, and equipment are sure to make the most effective use of water throughout your landscape design.

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